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Roman Jakic

Roman Jakič was born in Ljubljana on 1st of May 1967. He finished University of Ljubljana. He majored in Pedagogical Science and Sociology. He started his political career as a student leader already in 1986 fighting for democracy, protection of human rights and freedoms and against one party system.

In the first free and democratic Slovene Parliament in 1990 he was elected as the youngest MP. He served in Parliament for four mandates ‎(1990-1992, ‎1996-2000, ‎2000-2004 and ‎2011-2013). He also served as MEP in European Parliament from ‎2000-2004.

Beside other important functions in the National Parliament - he served as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee ‎(2000-2004) and as the Chairman of the EU Affairs Committee ‎(2011-2013) - he was also engaged in work of international organizations - he was Head of the Slovene Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO ‎(1996-2000), Head of the Slovene Delegation to the Association Committee SLO-EU ‎(2000-2004) and Head of Slovene Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) where he served as Vice President of the ALDE Group ‎(1998-2004), Chairman of the PACE Sub Committee on Youth and Sport ‎(1999-2001) and PACE Chairman of the Political Committee ‎(2001-2004). He was also member of the ALDE Party Bureau ‎(2008-2016)

In 2011 he was appointed as Minister of Defence in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. He finished his post in 2013. Since then he is working as Founder & CEO at Galitija Business Consulting.

He is also very active as a volunteer - since 2005 he is Chef de Mission of the Slovene National Paralympic Team for Winter Paralympic Games and Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Disabled Sport at Slovene Ski Federation.

Roman Jakic

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Roman Jakič

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